Meanings of Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings – So you have made the decision with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life with? Now, you must be in headache searching for the best engagement rings to shop. There are too many options. But if you want something special or unique, three stone diamond rings can be a great choice.

emerald cut three stone diamond engagement rings

Diamond has been known as the hardest substance. It is a beautiful alternative to other common gems which offer longevity. Moreover, you will create unique sign on your lover’s finger with three stone diamond engagement rings. Giving a stress to this sign let everyone knows that she is yours and other guys should keep distance. Unlike the usual single diamond, the three stone diamond engagement rings have deeper meaning. It has three diamond cuts set on a line giving beauty, elegant and luxury touches at one. If you are looking for the popular trinity ring style like others love to own, the three stone diamond engagement ring is the answer

Unique three stone diamond engagement rings

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings Style

When it comes to style, three stone princess cut diamond engagement ring won’t go wrong. It is the second well-known cut of diamond, after the round brilliant. Being created in 1960s, the princess cut’s face-up is square or rectangular while the profile or side-up shape looks like an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. If you are on budget, the three stone princess cut diamond ring cost cheaper than the round one.

Three stone blue diamond engagement rings

Do you know the meaning of diamond three stone ring? Depending on the owners, this stylish band can have different representations, like the following:

  • Three diamonds may represent father, mother and child.
  • It is also known as trinity holes, the most symbolic meaning that represents the past, present and future in romantic concept or Father, Son and Holy Ghost to those religious wearers.
  • It symbolizes the special moment, like the third anniversary. People love to have three stone diamond anniversary rings as gifts.

A three stone emerald cut diamond ring is also a good choice to make statement. It is so known well for its elegance. The face-up looks larger then the princess or round one. The emerald shape that has angled corners suit to those who have short fingers. The alternative choice to the same hand shape is the three stone oval diamond ring. Those two types of cut can make the fingers look longer, no matter their width is. Otherwise, the round shape seems looking better on long fingers. You will need this information when doing the ring measurement.

Beautiful three stone diamond engagement rings

Selecting an engagement or wedding band really needs time. Sometimes, you still have to argue with your loved one for the different opinions you both have. But basically, you will need to consider the material, size, style and carat. In this discussion, you should pay attention more on the three stone diamond ring settings. The center diamond must be in bigger size that the two sides. But you can be creative in deciding the type of cut and size, as well as the ring material. It is also possible making combination with other gemstones to create the beautiful 2 carat three stone diamond ring. Take for example diamond in the center and sapphire as the stone-sides. It is available widely on the jewelry stores nowadays. Or you can simply place custom order to have the standing out three stone diamond ring that represent your love to someone special at its best.

The beautiful three stone diamond engagement rings

The Picture of Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

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